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penguing and thick   2018

Penguin and Thick were created out of need to have cost effective, lightweight, transformable and foldable exposition system that could provide displaying of 2d and 3d object. The aim was to use only geometry, as a basic mean, for achieving transformation and constructivity.

7a prepravka.jpg

The idea was to make a exposition system that is easy to use, and can be mounted with no additional tools needed. This exposition system was not intended only for use in conventional exhibition spaces, but in alternative ones, where the need for improvisation is more expressed.

Penguin consists of 2 aluminum frames that  have adjustable height, and 2 wooden legs, that can be rotated in order to occupy less space while being stored.  Frames are made of powder coated aluminum profiles, and legs are made of beech.
6 prepravka.jpg
2b prepravka.jpg

Thick is a pedestal made of dyed water resistant plywood boards, than can also be folded for easier storage and transportation. It can be used as a single element, or combined with other elements.When it is unfolded it can provide storage space. (1).gif
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