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cake shop   2015

Small, family pastry shop, that manufactures very unique delights, required a streamlined andunobtrusive interior design, that emphasizes interesting delights offering.In order to design the appropriate interior for Mandarina Cake Shop, it was necessary to understand the aesthetics and taste of their products.


 The idea was to use that same touch and feel, and transform them into the objects and space, in order to make the unpretentious and refined interior design.

Furniture was made by using basic elements of furniture design: stick, plane and box, utilizing the space in the best possible way.Small side tables are leaning on to the floor, being stable and easy to move. The whole idea was to make a sitting area that would not occupie too much space, and give just enough comfort to enjoy eating the cake.
Interior of Mandarina Cake Shop consists of two parts-shop on the ground floor, and kitchen in the basement. Work on interior design and visual identity was completed in association with Ivan Vukic and Braca Burazeri.

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