Pizza Bar was originally imagined as a small restaurant that offers a pleasant atmosphere, and affordable menu for population from 7 to 77.

pizza bar 2   2017


The first Pizza Bar, restaurant was meant to be a small family place, with affordable menu, and pleasant atmosphere. After two expansions of the existing place, there was a need to open a new restaurant that would follow already adopted idea in terms of design and service. Once again, almost every piece of furniture was custom designed and manufactured. The idea of the living room atmosphere, these were once a guiding idea, had to be respected- but this time it was inserted in a slightly different context.


Since space for the guests is located on the ground floor of the building, and a large, floor to ceiling, glass facade is making it visible from 3 sides, the whole space becomes a kind of showroom. Besides that, the upstairs level(kitchen, restrooms..etc) of the restaurant was given a new function- visually it becomes a part of the building facade.